Make a "Pain-Causing-Volume Actor" doesn´t work.

Hello Guys,

i tried to make a “Hazard-Actor” and i wanted to use the PainCausingVolume functionality. So f.e. i have a trap made of spikes which adds damage to the player when the player entered and then a fireplace which adds different damage to the player. So its obvious that these are two different types of hazards which looks different (fireplace has a specialeffect and maybe a mesh and the spikes are only made of an mesh). So i want to make a base object (from PainCausingVolume) and not two objects for every type of hazard. Is this even possible? (Make a PainCausingVolume with a static mesh component and other stuff, like FX)
I tried out some things, but it only worked when i use two several objects (a PainCausingVolume as provided from the Editor AND a additional Actor with a Mesh for Visual Representation, but i wanted to combine these two in one object. Does someone have an idea whats the problem here `? Please take also a look at the Screenshots.

Thank U