Make a mod appear as a map, rather than a map

Hey all,

I’m trying to make my mod just appear in the mods section, rather than the map section. Also, I’d like the mod to be compatible with any map.

I’ve tried using a new GenericMod level, leaving Force Load Map Name (in World Settings) blank… but it’s forever appearing as a map.

Anyone know the trick I’m missing here?

Where are you even seeing sections?

In the Ark game client, when you click Host… you can choose a map and then stack mods.

bump anyone figured out how to do this yet?

I notice some player mods, like TorchBoost, are appearing as a mod rather than a map.

Hope that answers your question :slight_smile:

Hehe it sounds so simple… but how can you create a mod without cooking a custom PrimalGameData?!

I mean, you cook a map, which references the PrimalGameData in WorldSettings, and from PrimalGameData you reference everything else that will cook into the game.

I’ve tried to use GenericMod’s PrimalGameData as well as the PrimalGameData in Blueprints folder… but nada!

Any mods where the umap it is cooked with forceloads TheIsland are considered by the engine to be mods. Anything else is considered a map.

I’ve tried removing the forceload TheIsland… the mod still appears as a map. Worse… without the forceload the mod doesn’t launch.

Still looking for a definitive answer on this.

In the meantime, going to try unsubscribing mods, deleting all local mod files, and re-subscribing… (UPDATE: makes no difference, re-subb’ing still puts it into the map section even with forceload blank)