Make a mesh invisible?

So I want to make the head mesh invisible upon pressing a button.

I have put F2 in my input as the action button. So upon pressing F2 I want to make the head mesh (for that blue default character) invisible. Then by pressing F3, it will reappear.


I not quite understanding how this works? Like if I do export the character to a 3D modelling software, and just delete the body/limbs - leaving only the head. And import that back into UE4, how would the head follow the original head.

And how would I make something invisible via blueprints?

The head needs to be a separate mesh. So you should export that character and split the head in your modeling program, then import back into the engine.

You can use the Set Visibility

How would I link it to just the head part of the mesh? I have removed the head from the body and imported it back into UE4 as a .fbx.

Do I need a node for the new head mesh? And how would this synchronize with the original head (since I wanted the original head on the character to be visible or invisible depending on my input action)

Helped me too, thanks!

I know this is really old and probably pointless and not needed now, but it showed up near the top of the Answerhub feed and I thought it was worth pointing out another solution in case anyone else came across this.

The better solution for making a body part invisible (in my opinion) on a skeletal mesh, would be to use the Transform (Modify) Bone node, in the Animation Blueprint and set the head bone to a scale of 0,0,0 this essentially hides anything skinned to that bone (the head) and can then be brought back by resetting the scale without having to do any weird tricks to marry 2 meshes together after the fact.

Thank you