Make a main menu user widget

Hi all, I’m rather new to ue4 and I was wondering if anyone could help me with my main menu for my game. Basically, I’m just making it so if you press enter, the game will begin and remove the image on the user widget that will be my main menu. However, I want to disable input from the player controller so the player won’t move in the background before the game begins but I also want to make it so you can press enter and the game will begin and allow all input. Any help is much appreciated, thank you :slight_smile:

You can call DisableInput on the Pawn/Character and EnableInput when ready.

You should make a Input setting in the Project Settings and assign it the Enter key, then on any Actor with Input Enabled you can make a binding to the input action with the name of the Input Action.

Thanks for the help, will try that now :slight_smile:

Pretty common approach is making Main Menu with its own custom:

  • MainMenu map
  • MainMenu game mode
  • MainMenu player controller
  • MainMenu pawn
  • MainMenu HUD / widget

Unless your game is fairly simple you don’t want anything to do with MainMenu in your primary game controller, HUD, etc.

Thank you, the game I was making at the time was fairly simple but for future games that I make that will be more complicated, I will be sure to use this :slight_smile: