Make a game with anime-style graphics?

Hi, I’m new, only been using Unreal for about a week or so. I’m wondering if it’s possible to get anime style graphics with this engine. I hate it when a game looks too realistic, so I don’t want super cool graphics in my game. I want something like the Tales of games’ graphics, e.g… The assets in Unreal don’t really seem to be for me, but besides this and Unity, there are no other game engines available to me, so I’m wondering how I could make my game look like this?


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I strongly advise against relying on purchased assets for game development, I suggest you start up a team & recruit someone that can design characters/graphics to fit your needs.

You definitely can.

You’re going to have to look into flat shaders/materials(flat surface shaders somtimes called), and sometimes they’re called toon shaders. But besides that you just model, UV, texture like you would anything else.