Make a game only with UE4

I’m just getting started and have no background but in game dev (took c+ in like '93 for a semester in high school), but I’m ok with a huge learning curve. Can i make a game start to finish, top to bottom using only unreal engine4? My idea revolves around a 3rd person action type game. So I will need to generate skeletons ,meshes, animations, ect… the whole shabang. +1 for the awsome tutorial videos! as omg this is a lot to learn scary as they are each one peeks my intrest more.

It depends on how much you want your game to be unique. The marketplace and other areas on the Internet offer assets, usually for cost if you want any that are good, that you can use. Sound effects too. It’s certainly possible.

However, for control over your style and assets, and ultimately the core of what your game is, you’ll need to use modeling/animation software and sound software. There are free versions of each, like Blender and Audacity. For actual music, you can use royalty free tracks if you don’t know how to compose using a sampler. If you wanna go full pro, you can use Maya for modeling/animations and Pro Tools (or Logic on Mac) for sounds and compositions.

You also need to create textures for most of your custom assets. Photoshop CS6 is only 11 bucks a month. You can probably get a free version of you’re a student or something.

If you’re up for the challenge, go all out. Our team started 8 months ago with no game dev experience and we are now about to release a mobile game for iOS and Android, using UE4, Maya, Logic, and Photoshop. Those are invaluable skills and we have had a blast. Our minds have melted many times, but enough effort and enthusiasm will keep you growing.

From one noob to another :slight_smile: