Make a "Falling Tower" Effect?

Hello everyone!

Well I am wondering "how to make a falling tower effect? using blueprints in a static mesh without modifing the pivot position (in the center of the mesh by default)
Something like this :smiley:

Could you perhaps elaborate a little on what you need? Is the falling tower going to be experienced from inside, or outside? Will you need anything contained within the tower to move? To what extent do you need the tower to ‘destruct’?

Hi aandreasmaragakis!

Thank you for replying!
Well I have simple cube mesh in a “rectangle shape”, representing the tower. When I press a key the tower(cube) should fall like in my illustration images

If you just need a force to be applied, there are nodes available for force impulses. You would likely want to create a trigger and on the overlap with your player character you’ll just be enabling the node using a branch. This question thread mentions using some force nodes.

If you want a “realistic” fall, then you would enable Physics (make sure it has collision setup) and apply force to it, like said.
Such a basic shape will probably not fall very realisticly by default. But you might be able to change the weight etc and see if it changes the falling behavior.

If you only want it to tilt, you could also put it as a Static Mesh into a Blueprint that as a SceneComponent as the root and move the mesh so that the right edge is in the middle of the blueprint viewport.
Then you could simply rotate the blueprint actor over time by up to 90°. That, of course, would look pretty static although it could be done quite decent with a Timeline (that would assure it falls the same every time).