Make a drivable car or ship in ue4

I want my character to be able to go up to a vehicle and press “E” and you can drive the ship. I don’t really care if the camera shows the character going into it or not, as long as the player can fly it. is there an easy way to do this?

Easy is a relative term. One option would be to split up your character and vehicles into separate pawns. Then you would just have to possess/unpossess the appropriate pawns from your PlayerController class. Doing it this way would also help keep your logic between different pawns separate.

This tutorial from epic gives a brief introduction:

how would I do that? I never used the posses and posses. if I did I only used it once but I never did something like this before.

that looks pretty close to what I’m doing actually. but there would only be 2 actors and I would need a box trigger. if I can do it with what info I have here I will mark as answered, but if I still need help I will come back to you for help.