Make a dice, but a problem with the dice rotation

I want to make a dice, and i use 4 keys to control its rotation and move, like a dice on a table.
the problem is, the rotation doesn’t go as i expected, in fact the rotation goes to a weird result. ususally it should be vertical to the table, but it turns out to be some strange angle

here is the BP.
my idea is, i define 4 types of rotation angle as delta rotation, and when i type in the keys, the rotation of the dice will add the delta rotation to its current rotation. i use the timeline to make a smooth rotation

but some times it turns out to be a strange angle, and when i rotate the dice 90 degrees from axis Y, if i rotate it 90 degrees from axis x, it becomes a spin from axis X, which is not i want

so i want to know, can i fix the rotation coordinate when i rotate the dice? if not, how can i make it move like a dice? i just need it rotates like a dice, that’s all

thank you guys, thank you very much