Make a component rotation static


so i have a sphere with a arrow attached to it to indicate where its going but now i have this problem where if the sphere is rolling the arrow will rotate with it.

so is there any way i could make the arrrow follow the location of the sphere but not the rotation?

How are you moving the sphere?

The best way is probably to put them both in a blueprint.

Through add impulse

From the level BP?

You can still do that with the ball inside a blueprint, and make the arrow follow it but not rotate with it.

Well, you can also do it from the level BP, I guess.

Isn’t it this:

To point it in a direction, you can take sphere’s velocity and convert into a rotation from X.


If you just want arrow to follow sphere without rotating, you can use a SpringArm component with length 0 and deactivate inherit pitch/yaw/roll.

If you want arrow to show velocity direction you’ll have to update it on tick :

I recommend using tick group PostPhysics to avoid any race condition. Then SpringArm is not needed.

If you need earlier tick group for other reasons, attach arrow to SpringArm to negate ball rotation AND rotate the arrow according to velocity.