Make a character slide (like megaman)

Hi, i’m trying to make a character slide to the direction that it is running (it’s a 2.5D sidescroller), i made this BP that you see below:

as it is now, there are some problems:

1 - the character for some reason “jumps” a little and that make it trigger the jump animation, not the sliding one that i’m using.

2 - The velocity of the slide is too fast and abrupt, is there a way to make smothier transition?

any help would be extremely welcome!

You’re using Launch which will set them to a falling state, you’d be better off removing friction temporarily if I’m understanding correctly

how can i do that?

Has anybody a solution for the Mega man Slide. I search exactly the same slide !!

Hi i have a Solution in my Case it Works Great.

You can Connect the Blue Box this Checks if he in the Air or not. And you can use your normal Crouching Blueprint

This is not 2D like megaman, but i think the concept is same.
Here is a preview of sliding system I have implemented in a tutorial.


You can watch the full tutorial here. [unreal sliding system][2]