Make a 3D sound seem distant

So, I am currently doing audio for a little project and I want to be able to make something like this: If the player walks into a trigger box (or something), a sound will spawn that seems as if it is coming from very far away and from a specific area. Imagine you enter this box, and then you suddenly hear a wolf howl and it sounds like it is far away and if you move around, you will notice the sound shifts from left to right ear (or vice versa). Anyone know how I can achieve this?

I am fairly new to UE4, so anything helps!

Take a look at the blueprint node “Play Sound at Location”. This will allow you to play a sound from a specific location. It will also allow you to set Attenuation Settings (you can create one by rightclicking in your content browser and choose Sounds > Sound attenuation). The attenuation settings allows you to set the distance.

An easy way to try out the attenuation is to add an ambient sound (such as a wind or birds from the starter content) by dragging it into your scene and enable the “Allow Spatialization” and “Override Attentuation” in the properties. Then, in the Attenuation Distance, you can play with the inner Radius and Falloff Distance to get the right distance and position.

Here are some resources you could check: