Make a 360 Spin from current Z rotation

Hey there, im so confused because my math skills are like not existing.

So what im trying to archieve is like:

Lets say my character is on 90° Z,

now i want to make him rotate 360 degrees starting from that 90° current rotation before he does the spin ( but keep the x/Y at 0 ).

the result of my current setup is, that my character spins like a million times around.

So could you guys give me a hand of this ? im rly confused.

This is my setup:


Hi SassiX!

First of all I need to ask how does your timeline is setted?
Instead of the SetWorldRotation node you could use AddWorldRotation node instead, also get rid of all that adding operations and the getWorldRotation node too, you will only need the AddWorldRotation node for that.

Oh my god your so right, i didnt even noticed LOL
Thank you so much xD

the timeline was set to Z 0-360

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