Make a 2d game only with blueprints as a school project?

Hi everyone,

I’m a student new in programming in general (Currently learning to use python api and class, know a bit of lua and labview) and I was curious to know if you think it is possible (and not too hard for a intermediate beginner), in 9 months for my school personal project to make a 2d action game entirely in blueprints (because I don’t think that 9 month would be enough for learning c++ and then start to make the game) and that is not a too ambitious school project.

Normally I would have tried some prebuilt 2d game engine (like game maker) but with unreal now free and with the assets of my favorite game on mobile released, I think I would enjoy to do it in unreal. Also, if I want to do more ambitious game later on, I will already know how to use this nice engine.

Thank you

It’s super easy to create a game with blueprints -> just learn the basics and afterwards you will be abel to create everything you like :slight_smile:

Nice and thank you for the reply ! I started to learn by looking some tutorial on youtube and as all of them was talking about 3d games, can you tell me how much harder it is to make a 3d game instead of a 2d one (a simple game of course and I would use free assets like the infinity blade Ice lands) and if I can still make it using only blueprints.

Thanks (again)

difficulty really depends on alot of factors so it’s really hard to tell you how much harder it would be. Depending on what you can to make and the features you want is what really affects difficulty

The only things that are more difficult is the asset creationg part (you have to know how to use a 3d tool) + you have to know the techniques to get a good performance :slight_smile:

Thx again ! As I don’t have that much time for asset (and in 3d im not that good) I plan to usethe free ones released by epic (infinity blade and demos ) I’m learning blueprints and sound making right now and I’m kinda impressed that a ‘serious’ engine is not that hard to learn.

Finally, do there’s a tutorial for how to get good performances ? Because now I have no issue with my system (i5 4570 r9 280x) and I do not really know what to do to get better performance…

Here we go: https://docs.unrealengine/latest/INT/Engine/Performance/Guidelines/index.html :slight_smile:

Hi , I just thought I would share my current project - a 2d side scroller I’ve been working on for 2 months. I have a long way to go before its finished, but this is only using blueprint and 2d assets I made.

Gonna check your game and the performance tab, thank you !

No problem. If you have any questions on my project- how it was done etc…just send a message or leave a comment. I am happy to help.