Major - Would love if cinematic sequences can trigger events

If I could trigger events from within a cinematic sequence, I would be able to do so much, like trigger spatial sounds, disable/enable devices, assign trackers to players, change score, etc. A cool way to do this is to create Links within the timeline of the sequencer, which then appear on the cinematic device for us to link a device to.

This will unlock so much

Yes great idea, I can picture the “Links” as an icon (Your typical tag or ribbon icon you see in a lot of NLVE software timelines) that you can place on the sequencer timeline. It could have a function OnActivatedEvent that you could use in other creative devices. For example you would be able to setup an Audio_Player to Play on that event.


Yes I don’t see any reason that devices cannot be thrown into the sequencer and have its values and triggers fired off with keys.

Combine this with a new level sequence only device that can move the play position based on conditions etc and we will have a logic system even I can use :smiley:

I’ve wanted this for a while, then I can make logic like I’ve been making music for years :slight_smile:

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100%, it would speed up UEFN gamedev soooo much, with just this one thing

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@Wertandrew Thank you for your feedback. While I cannot guarantee a response, I can confirm that this has been forwarded to the appropriate team.