Major - UEFN/Creative - Customisable FN characters for games

This is the missing piece for me, the ability to create Fortnite characters, then control/animate them in a sequencer:

-An editor to customize a character (male or female) and their clothes
-Ability to spawn that character and have it be animated with a control rig/sequencer
-Ability to attach things to a character

Character clothes customisation (sry for the rough quality, couldn’t find a better version): Project Spark #1 Creating a Character - YouTube

Attachment example: Project Spark Stream - Character Customisation 31st October 2013 - Part 2 - YouTube

Would love to have some selections for Fortnite characters in Metahuman for example, that would help a lot with making new characters that look believable, in the FN style, easily.

And in terms of how Epic sells this, I think having a creator marketplace with packs created (and sold) by Epic and creators on cosmetics, accessories, backblings, clothes (brand collabs would go nicely here), limb customisations, prosthetics, tattoos, the list goes on.

As long as there are two base models (male, female) then the ability to support every age, color and ethnicity, this editor would become the go-to for making characters for games used in UEFN (both NPC and AI, and potentially the players themselves since it won’t go against Epic selling skins).

This works great in Second Life, Gameglobe, Roblox and other games that let the players customize their characters fully and the creators to add a specific type of character in their level (for games, there can be a limit so the character textures don’t cause performance issues, something like 10 different customized characters is ideal, same as Timesplitters 2/3 map maker, I feel that limit worked great)

YES, this would be amazing!

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This is good feedback. The opportunities that this level of control and customization of characters bring are definitely something we’re excited by.

That said there’s are a lot of technical (and policy) considerations we have to work through so don’t expect to see it for a while.