Major sequencer problems

HI everyone,

Recently I was working on a Master Sequence when it suddenly started crashing on load. Unfortunately, its not the kind of crash that gives the crash reporter dialog; it just hangs forever until you end up killing it

I should point out that this was after the Media Render Queue stopped working as well. I was able to render it out a couple of times, but after some changes (just basic transforms, mostly, animating the metahuman control rig) then the sequence would no longer load at all.

So, I thought, fine, I’ll just create some level sequences for a couple of other shots I wanted to do, and if I had to I could end up redoing the master sequence since it was only a few shots. So i created the level sequences and baked out their animations, pulled them into a new master sequence and they didn’t play (ie the animations didn’t “take”). Not only did they not play, now when I go back to the Level Sequence it doesn’t play correctly there either. It looks like it is picking up the viewport camera and not the level sequence camera-

Now, I don’t know if this is related but it all started happening after my MetaHuman control rig widgets suddenly started disappearing. I have a few retargeted animations, which initially I was able to bake to the control rig in sequencer and add an additive track to do my manipulations. But at some point, whenever I added my additive track my rig gizmos would disappear. You can still animate though, although it is infinitely harder-

To make matters worse, I created a new master sequence and added one of the level sequences, but unfortunately that doesn’t work either although it plays fine as a level sequence (well, you can scrub through it that is, both PIE and using the sequencer render still gives me the viewport camera). Not only can you not ‘play it’, but now it seems that adding the level sequence to a new master sequence also strips the animation so even if you could play it there would be nothing to play-

Lastly, the last time I did a sequence where I was making a lot of changes and edits was about 18 months ago and the same thing happened. At one point, I just started over, migrating everything into a new project and reanimating the sequence which actually went fast since I had been f&*cking with it so much I knew where all the keyframes had to go. So, I tried that here by migrating my main map and everything migrated over fine except for…my main map. It is there in the game directory, has an asset, but does not show up in the content browser.

So, I am a bit at a loss. It honestly feels like starting over from scratch seems like the only option, so I was hoping someone out there might have head similar issues and if so had found a solution. Because as it is right now, I literally can’t seem to render anything out of this project. This is bad.

Thanks in advance!

Ever figure this out? It hangs forever “submitting to source control” when I try to bake a bunch of stuff to an animation sequence on the metahuman rig.