Major problem with my Mortar recipe!!!

Hi everyone!

I’ve made a recipe that is used inside the mortar. I’ve configured the blueprint as “Additional Structure Engram” and as “Additional Engram”. I’ve configured the Blueprint to require the Mortar Inventory Component.
When I place a brand new Mortar, the recipe appears as expected, but only until I quit the game. Next time I start the game, that Mortar doesn’t show that recipe anymore. When I place a new Mortar again, that specific Mortar will show the recipe again, until I quit the game.

That’s how I’ve configured it in the PrimalGameData_BP file…

That’s how I link my Blueprint to the Mortar Inventory Component:

Did I bind it to the wrong class?

Thank you very much for your help!!!

Just a quick update… I’ve chatted with P0k3r in discord and apparently this functionality just doesn’t work properly…guess it’s not just me doing something wrong…