Major problem trying to import animation files into UE4 from Blender

Hi there I am having a real headache trying to import basic animations from Blender, it was at least ‘trying’ to import them earlier but now it seems to refuse to import even the mesh into UE4.

I took this screenshot to show what is happening:


Then when I click the ‘import as skeletal’ it just refuses to give me the original screen where I can select ‘none skeletal’ and sticks me in this screen where I can only browse to an existing skeleton, the import button stays greyed out until I quit or select an incorrect skeleton.


I have looked online everywhere but cannot seem to find an up-to-date tutorial, they all use old UE4 interfaces with different selection boxes.

If anyone can help out I would appreciate it thanks.


If it’s not automatically importing as skeletal then it’s because it can’t find an armature with a mesh or animations. To import a skeletal mesh you need an armature and a mesh in the fbx, to import animation you need an armature with an animation on its bones. Are you trying to import some blender animation that’s made of keyframed objects and not a skinned armature? I’m pretty sure UE4 doesn’t support that, you need an armature at the very least; and if you’re lucky you might be able to parent the objects to the bones and have them import properly.

Thanks The Beej I think you explained it perfectly there. I think I am trying to import keyframed objects and that is the issue, thanks again I will research more into animating in Blender.