Major issue with Blueprints placed in levels becoming damaged when editing parent class

I’ve run into a significant issue whereby I have a BP with a parent (which also has a parent) placed in a level. This BP has a number of variables that can be modified in the editor. Whenever make changes to one of the parents the version in the level “sometimes” silently resets all it’s properties and refuses to update them. IE: They appear to be set correctly in the editor but in game they are reset to default values.

The only way to remedy this appears to be deleting the actor BP from the level and placing it again.

This is fine for a simple case but I’m really concerned about future development. If I were to have 10’s or 100’s of these and needed to make a change to the base class to add a new feature, or fix a bug, I would lose all my data possibly requiring days of effort to repair.

Can anyone help here? I’m at the point where I’m not sure I can responsibly continue development without understanding how I can avoid this issue.



Hello Ook,

I ran into something like this as well, not via “parenting”, just that at times, a blue print will hang onto values, or reset them on a whim it seems. Will be watching this question for sure.