Major help with making this blueprint!

So I haven’t created the BP yet because I don’t know if their are nodes for it or even if it’s possible to make this BP for UE4 right now. What i’m trying to do is a BP or node that detects the screen size the player is playing in and IF the screen size matches the imputed screen resolution I put (my game is for mobile so in my case I put IF the screen resolution == 1280x720) THEN execute whatever. However IF it’s not that imputed resolution then execute something else. I understand that i obviously need an IF command but how do I make a BP that’ll detect the screen resolution and see if it’s equal to the screen resolution that I imputed manually for ex 1280x720. Is this possible for BPs in UE4 or no. If so how do I go about doing so. Much help appreciated!

Use the “get viewport size” node?

Yes it is possible. You need to add UMG hud, inside that hud you can check “viewport size”.
However it is not that simple, some blueprint nodes return size of screen, some give you size of game window, some will give you size of touch interface etc.
In case of inside hud you will get window size.

OK i’m not the best in BPs, but would this work for mobile? The BP is in the level BP of the main menu (The default start up level) and immanently in event begin play it checks the screen size and execute the command I put. Would this work? If not can you tell me how to fix it. Thank you!

It should. Go test it out man :stuck_out_tongue: