Major - Feature Request - Cancel my submission button

Issue: When submitting a map the info for the map may be incorrect. Can’t cancel the submission to make changes, it has to go through, as will the next submission with the correct info.

Suggestion: A button that will cancel, or fail, or mark as DO NOT PUSH.

I agree with this but My main problem is the fact each time you publish a map it automatically loads the Default name that you picked when you started working on the map which I assume is what caused this map to even get the Generic Name “AssaultMap” instead of “The Divide: Squad Assault”


UPVOTE!!! Just has this happen while a map was featured, really frustrating

Yeah this is MAJOR MAJOR, at the rate creators do things this is an easy mis-step.

We just submitted an update for a live map and the submission system changed the name to the project name as it always does (a problem in itself, it needs to remember this change).
Now have to sit here refreshing, waiting for it to be approved to update it, and it will have the wrong name in discovery for some time…

The gravito of this is increased by the fact that I work out of Epics hours alot of the time and cant contact anyone for and emergency un-fudge.

@Cleverlike_Studios Thank you for your feedback. While I cannot guarantee a response, I can confirm that this has been forwarded to the appropriate team.

Where are we with this?? It’s been 9 months and I’ve done this several times, including 2x this morning with my submission. The map code doesn’t default to the latest one so when I submitted it used the one that’s already live. That’s a waste of time for the submission queue IMO. Need to be able to cancel the submission In Review ASAP.