Major - Cannot Upgrade Fab Licence

I purchased an item with the basic license in FAB but now I have decided I would like access to the source files but I cannot upgrade the license as there is no obvious way to do so.

Hey Cardin! Upgrading a license is not yet available, you can either wait until that feature is is available, estimated for May, or request a refund.

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I think I am having further issues related to this, Only I (the project owner) can launch the project. If anybody else on the team tries to launch they are met with this error -

We have removed the referenced content but other members still receive this error -

I very much believe its tied to the FAB store content and has left some sort of reference I cannot remove, will a refund do anything on the back end to remove this?

Hey Cardin, sorry about that! I checked and a fix will be included in the next patch.

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That’s awesome news! Thanks for your help @BartEG42 !

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Hey Cardlin, just checking in to see if this is now working for you?

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Theres a big story to this now that I really should have updated here but been so busy juggling things.

So after I first reported I kept working solo with the item removed waiting for the update.

After the update even I could not cook the project due to the “ghost” association to the FAB asset. Being a time critical project I just migrated everything to a new project and this got around my Issue.

Sorry I am not great at following up, I juggle alot of dev ops as well as other things for Alliance projects and being nimble and working around problems is more important than waiting for a solution alot of the time, I find the forum too slow for our workflows.

Thanks for following up - we’re looking into this and will get back to you once we have more information.

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Ran into this as well, bumping this to get more eyes on it.

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Hey @DolphinDom! This topic contains two issues: do you have a problem upgrading your license, or did you run into the same referenced content error as Cardin?