Major amount of player jitter/shake/rotate, when stepping on another physics actor?

Hello everyone!

I’ve used a third person template to make a first person game set-up.
I’m trying to make him walk on little-medium object (waterbottle, can, etc…)

But it make kinda always my character jitter/shake/rotate/eject.
I’ve tried adjusting pretty much every setting for both physics and collision on both the character and the object but still no luck.
Same for CDD…

You can see what i mean here or here

Have someone any fix?

  • Interested as well.

The quick fix is editing the character’s movement component.
It holds a property “Enable physics interaction”. If set to false this problem is solved.
But it’s a bit silly. One might want to push doors or interact in different ways.
The cause for this interaction glitchyness could be an issue in the character or in the object colliding with but I am not entirely sure myself. It is absolutely crazy default behavior. Some imaginary force seems to explode beneath the character’s feet even when the downward force applied is just small, just as in the linked videos.

Hello Seda145,

Yes it perfectly solved. But now, i can no more push the object that collide with me (kinda logic).

You don’t know another way to solve it please ?