Major amount of camera jitter and shake, when stepping on physics actor?

Hi there! I’ve used a third person template to make a first person game set-up. i’m trying to walk across physics enabled “planks” but it messes with my camera and causes loads of jitter. Sometimes it works ok, but very rarely.

I’ve tried adjusting pretty much every setting for both physics and collision on both the character and the object but still no luck.


If the plank, is stacked on top of other physics objects, it seems to work pretty much fine.

Any fix?

Any one know a fix?

Crazy how 4 years later this keeps happening and there is not a single answer anywhere, by any chance, you solved this?

I had similar issues when jumping onto of small physics simulated objects giving me a heavy amount of camera tremors, I fixed it by enabling Continuous Collision Detection (CCD) under the data only blueprint for the character mesh.

it doesn’t fix it for me in ue 4.15