Maintaining score between levels

I’ve implemented a score system to my game, which for now is working really well. However, this is a game where you go from level to level, so I’m having this problem with keeping the score; of course, each time I load a level, all the variables reset, so if you had 100 points, once you go to another level it’s back at 0.

If any of you have a good solution, I’d be more than happy to hear it.
Thank you!

A good way to pass information between levels is to use the GameInstance class. You need to create your own GameInstance blueprint and then change the project settings to use it. The GameInstance is an object that exists as long as your game is running so you can set some variables there and retrieve them at any point in your code using the Get Game Instance node and casting it to your own game instance class.

My explanation is probably missing some stuff so here is link with a good example on this topic.

Hope this helps