Maintaining player control of yaw&pitch once inside a triggered static camera?

My issue is this

I have made it so the player character gives limited control of the player camera to the player while running around a level.

If I put down a static camera(AreaCamera)-this blueprint below–A LEVEL BLUEPRINT

The player enters a trigger and this camera takes control of everything.

I would like to maintain some player control of the camera while in a static"cinematic" camera. I figure there is a solution right in front of me to retain control of something like Yaw and Pitch, but cannot figure out how influence those attributes when it comes to this Level Camera.

Should I just go through the steps similar to creating a spring-arm camera and make components for this level camera? If i did this but had many level camera spread throughout the game will that become difficult to manage?

Dude, I have no idea what you are trying to do in ‘on actor end overlap’ event, but it looks seriously incorrect. By the way, I hope these two links (previous answers of mine to somehow similar questions) may help you.

How to create the setup

How to correct the controller


Okay, thanks. I will check that out. The links do work for sure, appreciate it.

Oh, I imagine you are asking about that array?(in case multiple characters leave the triggered area–I can remove that for the test, it is not needed for now.)
Your examples where good, I think they are answering a different type of question though.
Mine is based on a player character that has control over the camera going into a static camera (triggered by entering a trigger) and retaining control of the yaw and pitch(whose attributes where defined in the BP character).

Basically how can you give the player control of certain aspects of a static camera once you are using it.

FYI though, I will look at that part of your BP level blueprint where you cast to third person character, that might help.(i’ll post results of that test, thanks.)