Maintain scene hierarchy from Maya outliner into Unreal


Is there any way I can maintain the scene hierarchy from Maya scene ( as in outliner ) into UE4 once exported? Geometry either comes in as Combined object or if that option is unchecked as seperate objects. But having proper scene hierarchy even in UE4 would help a lot. I am aware this being possible in Unity but not quite sure about UE4.


Bump to see if anyone has an answer.

I’m not sure if there is a way to transfer over the hierarchy from maya but I know you can recreate it within UE4.


Go to the world outliner on the top right of the UI, here you can left click drag assets on top of another to create a hierarchy.

Maybe someone else knows a way to automatically bring it in…

The hierarchy will not transfer from other programs. As you pointed out you can set it up in the scene outliner. You can also use a Blueprint to do the same thing.

Hey, would like to follow up on this feature. For the CAD data we would like to bring into UE4, it’s pretty painful to re-organize/re-group all objects inside of UE4 and match that to Maya’s Outliner. Would the dev team consider adding this feature to future release?

Yeah - this would be incredibly handy. Remaking the hierarchy of an entire house imported from Maya for example is too boring for words. Especially when all that information is stored in the FBX file…

Also, the UE4 scene view has a habit of exploding every listing open to show every single object in your scene. Hard to keep it organized like you can in Maya.

so lame to not have that feature…

Seriously, this is agonizing. I’m a CG/VFX professional with a 25-year-deep library of content that’s too time-consuming for me to port over without being able to preserve hierarchical animation on import.