maintain OBJ quads through import and export

I am working on photogrammetry interior room models, and successfully exporting OBJ, rebuild in Maya clean quads, re-import to RC, and re projecting textures. That workflow is going well, but it seems that RC always triangulates my clean quad OBJ file on import. Is there any way to maintain quads through this workflow?

The reason I am concerned is the texture looks perfect when applied to the RC triangular, but becomes distorted (most likely thru UV changes) when applied back to clean quad model.

In this screen capture the orig quad model in screen LF, and RC triangulated exported model on the RT.
Thank you, JonT

Hi Jon

That is not possible… But, export the triangle mesh + txtr and then load TXTRs on the quad mesh with same UVs… at least i’m doing it this way :smiley:

That sounds fine, thank you for the fast answer.
I will continue to do it this way as well.