MainNavData , NavData in NavigationSystem is NULL, my character doesn't move

I’m using World Composition (which is the streaming levels) in a dedicated server setup and an actor setup with a blueprint containing AI MoveTo or Simple Move to Actor doesn’t move. I have Nav Mesh Bounds Volume in my level and I can see it in the editor when I press P.

Persistent World (Main)
-Sublevel (One)
-Sublevel (Two) <- I have my NavMesh here

Hi, I found the answer to my problem. The issue is because I’m using world composition and so the navmesh needs to be loaded dynamically, as it doesn’t exist in the Persistent level, which is the one loaded at the start.

You have to Project Settings → Navigation Mesh → set ‘Runtime Generation’ to ‘Dynamic’. This way whenever you stream-in or stream-out sub-level navmesh will be regenerated. And so your actor will now move.

5 Hours until I found this. Bless you. For you Googlers:

If you recently enabled Level Streaming and all your AI stopped moving, this may be why.

All AI were returning Aborted.

Thanks @Talad!