Maing Teleport and using a boss arena

So, I am working on a mod that, in my head, can make a teleport, and then use this to teleport down to an boss arena, and fight some summoned bosses of our choice ( not the original ones )

Is this possible??

Is there a way to be able to summon us down to a boss arena of our choice, and get a certain dino to spawn there? We want to keep the fight away from the “world”…
As in … we pay 1000 metal ingot, and the we will be summoned to one arena where we have a certain dino awaiting… or we pay 1000 crystals, and get summoned to another arena, where there is another moddid dino awaiting…
Is this even possible??

At the same time, does it exist any “underwater” arenas that could also be used?

This would be perfect for our WIP RP mod… But I am as always just grabbing and wanting bigger things than what I can chew atm lol. I am still more of a virgin in the modding … but still I want more … and more … and learn more :smiley:

It’s possible…however, you’re going to run into 101 issues due to different maps, locations, teleport errors etc. Cool idea, but you saw what happened when ACA attempted it. There’s just too many variables.

Ok, thanks for that info … so there isn’t a set name or something that I can link … ie. bossarena 1 … that will be the arena with the Broodmother, no matter what map that has taken this in??

I have to get loc, and all per map?

Well, yes and no. Both the island and the center use a boss arena that is under the landscape. I’m not sure if you could mimic those but then again not every map will have these. Some mappers do them custom.

Oh well … that might turn out to be to advanced for a newbie like me :smiley:

Many thanks for the info though!