Main screen freezes for a long time when starting the game via my total conversion.

Anyone know why? I don’t have any files in my sound mod interfering with the ones used for the main menu, so I’m guessing that it’s either a bug caused by the devs which they would have to fix, or that my total conversion isn’t up-tp-date with the current game version. (didn’t update via github, waiting for the epic launcher)

Just gonna bump this since it’s still not fixed, even without winter wonderland.

They all do this. While I was figuring out the dev kit I went ahead and cooked one that had no actual changes in it, and the same thing happened.

Just hope that the devs will see the thread.

If it does it for TC’s that don’t actually point to any new files then it is most certainly on Wildcards part to fix it.

Hopefully when they get further towards optimisation they’ll using a more efficient means of clients seeing what files have been redirected and access them faster.


I forwarded my concerns about just this to Jat yesterday and he said he’d look into it. Have yet to hear back but remaining hopeful, he’s normally pretty sound about this kinda thing :slight_smile:

Well then, let’s hope they can fix it. Or atleast give us a hint if the issue is our fault.

231.9 didn’t change anything, it still freezes, it’s just delayed by 10 sec. Loading problem wasn’t solved either.

We will look into this, can you post a link to your mod page?

So we had a few try it without a noticeable stall (there is some hitching during back ground load but nothing significant). If you hit me up on steam “ArkDevEngineer” I’d be glad to continue this more direct with you. Afterwards we can post more information here.

We had a few try it in office without reproducing your issue, if you’d like I can work with you more directly on the issue if you add “ArkDevEngineer” on steam. We can then update this thread with our findings.

Ok, send you a friend request.