Main Menu Widget Blueprint not showing up after packaging project

I create my Menu Menu UMG Blueprint in the Game Mode, and I add it to viewport in the level I set up for the Main Menu itself. When I play in-editor, everything works as expected. When I package the project, the Menu Widget does not appear, but I have made packaged versions with a PrintString which shows the cast succeeds in the packaged version.

Anyone have tips on how I can troubleshoot this?

This is what I see when I Play the game in-editor.

Behind the Widget I have the level exposed for character creation.

This is what I see when I open a packaged version of the same project.

Update: I tried to add an action input to spawn the Menu Widget, which I set to the ‘P’ key. This works after packaging, so I verified it can display the widget and that the widget works. Now I need to figure out why the widget is not displaying when added to viewport in the Level Begin Play.

I found that if I put a delay on the add to viewport, the widget does display. Something is jumping the gun in the post-packaged state. This solves my issue, but can anyone explain why this is happening?

Make sure to set your desired level as the Default Level. Instructions here: Changing the Default Level of an Unreal Engine Project | Unreal Engine 5.0 Documentation.

Had the similar problem with blueprint not working then used the following package settings and now everything works:
Binary Configuration → Use Project Setting (Development)