Main menu static camera

Hello everyone, I’m trying to create a main menu for my project (I’ve created a new level for that). Now, I really don’t want to use widgets and HUD in general, because I want to make a 3D menu with meshes as buttons, dinamic lights and all kinds of cool stuff (the prototype of what I’ve made is on the screenshot).
I can not find any tutorial about how to do all this, only 2D widget menues…
So what my actual issue is: I don’t really know, how to create a camera or a pawn with camera (so in the game mode it will stay on its place and look right on the menu buttons).
1.) I’ve created a game mode for main menu.
2.) I’ve created a player controller and pawn for the menu and placed it on the scene (also defined it as a defult pawn for this game mode)
3.) When I’m runing the game, I realise that I don’t see my menu buttons or I see it from another distance/direction (obviously my menu pawn camera is not the same one witch runs in the game mode).
So what I’m doing wrong? (I’m pretty new among UE4 game developers). I guess that the answer is really simple but as you guys see, I didn’t found the answer yet.
So one more last time: I want to see the menu scene from certain direction, I need to be able to see cursor (so I could’ve add clickable events etc)
It would be really helpfull if somebody could tell me what exectly should I do. Thank you in advance <3