Main Menu Start Help!

Hello all. I recently put in a main start up menu with 2 buttons start and quit game, then add on clicked events to open level and quit game. Then I made new empty level and I go into my level blueprint and add [event begin play] “create widget” add to view port and enable mouse. So when I launch In editor mode it works fine, but when I pack the project it does not work.
bc2165f2b2ebcd673a42aab8d5e0522e510e865d.jpeg Here’s my empty Level!
7017bff1470bb1cd9ed56ed5f704279d5dac06b9.png This is the level BP!
4da429b9b8d1686531784a3931cff154f4217c58.png Menu Buttons made in UMG!
18086dad878d3a8d86e573621d5400ac952eec32.png And here are the “onclickedevents” for my buttons!

With all this like I said works fine in editor (a lot of stuff seems to do that) but when I package it to release the menu does not show up, it just hiccups before game opens up.
Please help where did I go wrong here??

Check your project settings > Maps & mod

LOL can’t believe it was that easy thank you very much Prime!

I have same problem. I will check the settings now ^_^.