Main menu Scripting

My name is siddharth and I am new to the unreal engine blueprint visual scripting.I am following the Unreal engine documents to create a main menu.
following is the link of the page

I am stuck in between the process.I didnt understand the 17th Step of the “4.Scripting the Main menu” Page

Which is “17.Following the Event Begin Play script, add a Get Player Controller then Set Input Mode Game Only node.

I have attached the image please check.I am not able to locate the note marked in the image.

Please help me

What the tutorial is doing at that point is setting the output value of the Create Widget node into a variable of the First Person Character Blueprint. Some info about getting or setting values.

Ok I have opened the First person Character blueprint and I have added this nodes please check the attached image.When I am trying to connect the Return Value of the create widget node.there are lots of SET nodes available in the menu so which one to use please check the attached image.

That BP should feature a ‘HUD Reference’ variable, drag it unto the canvas and select ‘Set’ this will create a new set node for the variable.

Hmm But i didnt find any HUD Refrence variable in the First Person Character Blueprint.

Drag off from the return value of Create Rez_C widget and then click “Promote to Variable”. You can then rename it appropriately This is a reference to your widget that has been created

+1 for that man :smiley:

You don’t actually need the reference at all if you aren’t using it for other stuff. Just plug the create widget into the add viewport and it will work.

Thank you Mosel3y
You solved the issue.Finally I can move on to the next steps thank you guyz for your help and support:D

Hi I got new issue related to the Main menu scritping

I have connected the Play button to the Open level than I have attached Remove From Parent widget.
But Its not removing the Widget from the viewport. I have uploaded the Level blue print and main menu Bluprint Images .Please check and help


When you open Interior01 you are adding the main menu to the viewport again, is that what you want to do?

No When the Interior01 Opens I want main menu to get close.

Well, right now you are adding the main menu again when Interior01 opens on begin play.

You can create an event in your character where you have added your widget, which calls Remove From Parent on your widget.

But if you don’t have a reference to your widget anywhere, probably the only way to remove it would be the Remove All Widgets node, do it on begin play, before adding any widget you actually want.

Ok thats very helpful info it solved the issue can you please help me again with the media works.
I have imported a video its " .mp4 " Format.When I convert it into a media texture I am just getting the single frame of the whole movie.I have
also try the " H.264 " Compression format but still I am getting the Single frame of the whole movie when I am converting into the media texture