Main Menu/Pause Menu etc as Blueprint?

To create main menus and pause menus we still have to rely on C++…right? Would it be possible to integrate some special application or something, so that Main menus and pause menus can be entirely done with Blueprint?

Honestly I wish if we had Scaleform because Scaleform + Blueprints would have been really really great.

Ah, I see what you’re saying. Sorry, the way I worded that response was a little confusing. Let me try it another way: the functionality you’re looking for is coming, along with some demo levels to show you how to use it. :slight_smile:

As for Scaleform, no, there are no plans to integrate it at this time.

Awesooome! Cant wait for the demos and to learn how its done. Any ETA?

We’ll be rolling them out as fast as we can. We’ve got a new initiative we’ll be launching very soon involving demo levels that each target a primary feature, and each of which correspond to detailed documentation specifically for that level. The hope is that you can play with these levels, dissect them, break them (if that’s your thing), and then read the docs that go with them, and that they’ll get you over that hump from “wondering how to do what you want to do” to at the very least “knowing what you need to get your ideas off the ground.”

More info coming as soon as we can get it out there. :smiley:

Wow…awesome Zak!! Thank you very much. Its good to hear that docs will be there specifically for levels. Waiting for the new build. :smiley:

By the way are you the same Zak Parrish that appeared in Inside Unreal Videos? The guy with specs. :smiley:

The very same. 8)

Cool :D. I was just watching the Visual Effects Part I video and i saw you. :slight_smile:

HUD functionality within Blueprints is something we’re looking at releasing in the next beta. We’re also going to be releasing some specialized training content to help folks learn a variety of engine features, which I’m sure will eventually encompass HUD setups as well.

But uh…we can create HUD using Blueprints now. What i want is Main Menu and Pause Menu in Blueprint.

Just curious to know: Does Epic totally abandoned Scaleform in UE4 or are you planning to later integrate it?

How DO you create a main menu? I can’t figure it out.