Main menu not appearing.

I’ve done a prototype of some game, and made a quite rich main menu. In the editor, when i launch the project, everything works fine, i see it, but after i build the game, and launch the executable the main menu doesn’t appear at all. You can see lower in the video what i mean.


I can provide any screen you need.
Thank you in advance.

What is that map that’s showing up there?
Have you actually set the default start map to the MainMenu before packaging?

The map that shows up when launching the game, is the one that should appear, it’s called LoadingMap, it contains nothing, it is used to be in the background while the user is in the main menu. When the user is pressing play game, another map(level) loads up, it’s the default ThirdPersonExampleMap. In the editor it happens as it should, but in the build itself, the wrong widget BP appears, the HUD widget, not the Main Menu widget.

I’m not sure where I can configure the default start map for the packed game, but this is something related to the default maps that i’ve already set.

Hm, that looks fine then (Note: Server default map should be the Game Mode. The Server default map is meant for Dedicated Servers and it makes no sense letting him start in a Menu)
Can you show how you create and add your UI? Screenshots of the Blueprints.

Have you checked the logs of your Packaged Game?

Here’s the LoadingMap level blueprint. When this map loads, the MainMenu must appear, but it doesn’t.

Try adding “GetPlayerController” to the “Owning Player” Input.

That didn’t help.