Main menu issues

I’ve created a main menu (just the background art and music so far), and it works… but doesn’t look the way I want it to.

First, the colors. The background image shows up as desaturated and low-contrast. Why?

Second, the image quality in-game is much worse than the actual texture. Why?

Third, I can’t get the image to scale properly on different monitors. It looks right in widescreen format, but on "normal " screen, instead of cropping the image on both sides, as I want it to, it crops only the right side, so the middle of the image is not in the middle of the screen. I tried to adjust it so that it is positioned properly, but when I do, it shows up wrong on widescreen. Is there some way to fix how the image is cropped?

Color issue is solved. I had unchecked an “is enabled” box on the canvas panel. After checking it, colors are as they should be.

I haven’t managed to solve the other two issues.

Edit: The texture issue fixed itself; Idk how. So, there’s still issue #3.

Allright, I solved the last one too. It was the anchors; I had to anchor the image at the center.
Now it looks exactly as it should :slight_smile: