Main Menu & Ingame Menu ( continue or not). basic for beginners

I was wondering if the Unreal Engine community would be intrested in a blueprint project with basic menu options like:
the main menu blueprint will have : load & save system, starting your level, quitting your game.
the options menu will have :

  • video settings: resolutions, shadow quality, distance view
  • sound: which sound systems you use, to increase or decrease your sound effects like music etc
  • key bindings : to change every key, example: change your movement buttons
  • control settings : adding joysticks/game pads and the speed of your mouse, etc
  • game settings: example : the difficulty of the game, etc

These are some basic stuff for beginners.
but I was wondering if someone is intrested in these kind of stuff if so, is 5 dollars much for a project like this?
please comment ^.^


note: these are some basic alpha models and i will add many options to it with a better design