Main Menu in the world composition

please help me figure it out. I created main level with the maps in the “world composition” mode, added a character and simple logic for moving and interacting . after that, I created a map with the main menu, created a main menu widget, created a player controller for the main menu, and created the main game instance. as a result, when I enter the game, the main menu remains on the screen. as I understand it, this is due to the fact that the main menu level is loaded with the main game level, And automatically attached to it. my main question is how to properly create the main menu for the “world composition” mode. I’m not asking for ready-made code, I just want to understand how it works. Thank for your advice and sorry for my English

When you create the widget set it as a variable. When you enter the game “remove from parent”

This method works. Mindfields Tech, thank you so much for your help

No Problem! I am glad to help!

I had the same problem. If I put my menu level inside of folder where my world composition level is I have to deal with all my levels being in background of menu widget. So I moved my menu level to other folder and now with “play button” I load my world composition (persistent) level. Inside of persistent level blueprint on event begin play I load stream levels by names. I wonder if that way of doing things is ok?