Main Menu and Settings Menu error with Back Button

Hi guys
I made this main menu:

From this I can go to Settings menu:

When I set graphic and click on Apply button it save settings. If I stop the simulation here and then run it again, and go to settings, I have all saved custom settingssaved fine.
If I click on Back button, to return to Main Menu and them click again on Settings menu, I have this:

it would seem that every time I open the Settings menu there is an overlap of instructions for the radiobuttons selections, how do I solve it?

This is the error:

and this is the graph:

I ask for your help

Thank you all

no one please?

I do dot know how saving/loading works but i would try to run ‘Does save game exist’ first and connect it with the branch using the return value as condition. Then if false continue with ‘widgets of all class’ if true ‘Load Game from slot’