Main Menu also loads in the main level?

Hi there,

I’m getting close to completing my first game. It’s a bit rough, but that’s fine. I don’t need it to be perfect, I just want to complete it.

Anyway, now that I’m getting close to the end I was hoping on figuring out how to make it so that the game loads up immediately in to the one and only level in the game, and have it displayed in the background of the Main Menu, and then upon pressing “Play” the player is immediately starting to play the game instead of having to load the level.

I’ve looked up a couple videos and some threads, but nothing seemed to have the solution that I was looking for.

I already have a main menu set up, but it’s pretty bare bones and the load can be a bit hefty at the moment (still need to remove some free art assets that aren’t being used)

Would appreciate any help, even if it’s just pointing me to some video.

Okay, well I actually ended up figuring out that bit.

In the level blue prints I on play I pause the game, disable input and then load the the Main Menu which now appears at the start of the stage.
In the widget I set the play button to dismiss the menu and unpause the game.

This works about as well as could be expected, with one drawback.

The main menu’s background is viewed from inside the player model, which isn’t the most flattering.

If anyone has any ideas on how I can set the initial camera to something in the level and then at the start switch the player’s view, I’d appreciate it.

But I’m gonna do some searching and see if I can find a good way to do that as well. I just wanted to make sure no one replied to this issue after I already resolved it.
I believe the answer to your question is in the first 3 mins of his video. I may be wrong

It wasn’t exactly what I was looking for, but I got to where I needed to be with it! Thanks!

You can add a camera actor into the level and have the player possess it at the level start. Then once you click play, have the player go back to the player pawn.