Main Character Poly count

What is the poly count for your character? And are you going for triple A quality?

my full base mesh is 54k tris but you would only see that one if very close in third person or maybe a cutscene or something, in first person the head and part of the back would be deleted dropping the tri-count quite a lot.

I cant really answer that as AAA doesn’t really mean anything to me:)

How long is a piece of string? It totally depends, PC / Console today can crunch poly’s like no tomorrow. But if you’ve got 10, 1 Million poly char’s it won’t leave much for anything else, or on the flip side 200 50,000 poly chars. If you’re doing a terrain based game, with 2,500 - 7,500 tris tree’s, decals and grass it might eat up a lot of your budget if it’s densely packed.

So again, completely based on whatever you’re working on and the budget the game allows you to have. Between 25K - 75K tris has never been a problem for me.

thats why I am asking I am just wondering what everyone is using in there project tbh

Our character has around 10.000 tris and 2k textures. :slight_smile:
You can see a pic of him when you go to our webiste -> the link in my signature