Magnifying glass transition effect

Hi all,

Would anyone happen to know a good start for a material or post process effect like this, where the stripes ‘magnify’ the content behind while flying across the screen?

Thanks in advance for any help.

Thank you very much.

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Just a block of glass material moving across the camera would do it


It’s just a stretched cube.

I might need it as a material though, or a post process effect. Thanks a lot .

You can do refraction in a PP ( I seem to recall )

It needs work, but…




That looks awesome. Thank you so much. Out of curiosity, would something like this be possible via materials?

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Well, the PP is a material, of course :wink:

Do you mean, just the mesh material? You would either need a glass material on the mesh, or one where you mess around with the UVs, but it wouldn’t affect the background, just the mesh.

Oh yeah, sorry…I meant a normal material that could maybe affect UI. PP won’t distort UMG right? Basically, I wanted to have a widget underneath this refraction effect.

I don’t think that’s possible… :-/

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