Magnetometer or Heading Data in Unreal

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although it´s a bit redundant and the Question wasn’t originally from myself. I decided to post it here, because I´m also very interested in a answer.

Can anyone give some hints leading a direction where we can proceed ?

User nicksave wrote on answerhub in 2017):

"… I’m trying to get values or calculate an equalivalent type value to determine which direction (compass degrees) the user is facing and holding their device towards, so I can orient the game world along their relevant axis.

It seems like this would be fairly simple to do based of the readings from the iphone magenetometer or compass heading, but I can’t seem to find any documentation about accessing or calling those features in UE.

Does anyone have any tips for where to begin approaching this? I figure the answer will stretch beyond blueprints, but I’m curious how involved this could become?


can someone tell me why are there almost no valuable Information about this topic? It seems like nobody can answer this question. I searched for hours and nowhere I can find some answer leading in a possible direction. But I found some links which are interesting, although I´m sure that anybody who wants to know how we can access the Compass will get to this sooner or later. It´s kind of sobering.

User F3NR1S developed a plugin but iOS is still pending: A new, community-hosted Unreal Engine Wiki - Announcements - Unreal Engine Forums and…-field-toolkit

Apple Dev:…se_information and…tion/clheading

Medium article about a compass app:…t-2b6647ae25e8 (But I don´t know how to get access to Swift from Unreal )

EDIT: I found a post as a feature request since 4.9 : [Feature Request] Add magnetometer support for mobile platform - Mobile - Unreal Engine Forums

How would be the common workflow to execute SwiftCode in Unreal C++?

Thanks in advance for helping.

Original posted here:…on-ios-11.html

Although a bit late, but just for Completeness,

I found the solution some time ago by ReImplementing the LocationServices - Plugin written by Epic and extended it with the appropriate Objective-C - Code.

[see here:

Magnetometer or Heading / Compass values on iOS 11? - Mobile - Unreal Engine Forums](Magnetometer or Heading / Compass values on iOS 11? - Mobile - Unreal Engine Forums)