Magical Forest scene created in Unreal Engine

I’d love to share my latest project created in Unreal Engine with the forum community.

This is my second project using unreal engine. I 3D modelled most of the meshes in Blender, then used unreal engine to assemble the scene and textures, add the atmospherics and lighting, and render. Additional post was done in Davinci Resolve. My computer was struggling with the high poly meshes and large textures, but UE did an amazing job of keeping the workflow flowing.

Thanks for taking the time to check it out!



It look and sound awesome!

Would be even better with moving camera :wink:


Thank you! And I appreciate the feedback, which is duly noted. :nerd_face:

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Hey again Gnome!

Every time I come across a project of yours I’m thrown into such a warm and welcoming place. It’s fascinating being able to follow an artist and their journey through forum posts. Hope to see a ton more from you friend. :smiley:

Thanks so much for sharing your art with the UE community and keep up the phenomenal work!


Sorry for the late response! Only just saw this lovely post. Thank you so much!

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