Magic Mouse configuration

Is there a way to change the way Magic Mouse behaves in MacOS?

At the moment the magic mouse works like a trackpad to look around. The right click button Pans the view which is not the same behaviour as if you use a normal mouse.

Strangely enough the Magic Mouse works perfectly normal when running my mac on windows via bootcamp, where the right click is used to look around.

So I am wondering if there is a way to change the configuration in the OSX version of UE4 so that I can make the Magic Mouse right click normally.

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Just a quick update in this one.

Strangely enough when I turn the Bluetooth off and then on again, the RMB on the Magic Mouse appears to function as it should. Not sure if this is an issue on my end.

Here is a video to show the issue. First the RMB button PAN THE VIEW, but when I disable and then re-enable the Bluetooth, the RMB works!

strange, but it works, thanks!

thanx a lot!!!

This worked for me – thanks a lot !!!

You are a legend! Thank you! Solution works on Mac M1 Pro 2021.

this method is not working on UE5. can someone please help :smiley: