Magic Effects Pack

Hi All!
FT Magic Pack 01 available on the Unreal marketplace!:smiley:

FT Magic Pack01

They look nice, they could also be used with the character when teleport or in a rpg when a boss dies

Add more new 3 sphere magic effect.

I’m created 18 magic effect.
Submit soon…

These are excellent. Nice job!


Any idea on when this will be available and what the cost might be. Definitely interested in this

It packs submit with the market place review today!:smiley:
Sorry, vote link is nothing yet.
Please wait 2-3 days.

My asset submission to the UE4 Marketplace Submissions Public Voting Trello Board:D
Please vote!

Hey .

First off, these look great and I hope you are successful on getting them on the market.
I was curious about two things:

  1. Do these effects have multiple LODs?
  2. It’s difficult to see if there is any distortion on these effects with the current background in the video. Is it possible to change the backgrounds to a grid or something that would better show this? I’m not sure if there is any distortion, and it’s completely fine if not because the effects look great, but it would be nice to be able to see them in the demo if they exist.

Thanks a bunch and keep up the good work.

Just voted. Looking forward to this

I’d probably buy them just to get some good examples of how to use the particle editor :slight_smile:

Sorry, late reply.
I’m upload view distortion video.
distortion value easy to change:)

LOD function is not yet:(
I complete the LOD work before it’s marketplace released.

Very Thanks!:smiley:

FT Magic Pack 01 available on the Unreal marketplace!:cool:

GPU particle and distortion effect don’t work on mobile device.
Please turn off GPU sprite and distortion emitter.