Mage 3rd Person PvP Arena / Survival Game

Who Knows !!

Dont Really know yet I just have PvP and it is working pretty good now, you can create Matches and battle to win. Don’t know where I am going with it but here are some screens :slight_smile: Let me know if you are interested in helping that would be appreciated.

Demo Shot.jpg
Demo 4.jpg
Demo 7.jpg

Wow !!! I want to play this right now the multiplayer looks great cool style I can not wait to see where this goes and good luck recommend getting a website and kickstarter tho !! Would love to back something like this !

Love the art style, keep up the good work man!

Great work! Sent you a pm Kalleal

Thank you and Thank you ! I appreciate all feedback and Ideas :slight_smile:


Hello Kalleal

Thumbs up for this nice project! i like the artstyle, the concept and animations. The maps look very consistent in style. Also the UI looks very clean and nice. I also like the character in the startmenu.

Just one thing is disturbing me, and i want to give you some constructive critism → the use of different font’s in the UI. Specially the UI Overlay with the Key-Shortcuts (fontstyle) doesn’t fit to the rest of the UI style. It would look much more clean and more “professional” than it already looks like if you only would use one fontstyle in the whole project. else it looks like you did take some part of the menu from here and the rest from there… I would prefer the font in the Scoretab :). less is more , the gamer need to read fast the desired informations, so there he can profit of a clean and good readable font. Better play with bold and different greytones to highlight a text than make the use of bright colors like pure red, blue etc.

Im wondering if you add different characters for multiplayer which can use different mights? What is the element of “survival game”? Do you want to add also items you can pickup? :slight_smile:
Keep up this amazing work!

Btw: Is there a section for new forummembers to say hello?
Im a still, but a daily active reader in this forums since some months. Since i have discovered developing with UE - i must say im really addicted to it and all the topics around. I like how people help each other in this community and also the great work everyone does :slight_smile:

Best regards

That has already been fixed since video ^^ thank you it was bothing me as well just was in the process of changing the game to the new font :slight_smile:

Hi Kalleal

Ok, so i don’t need to have bad conscience about critism the font :slight_smile:
the animations look very smooth, did you used animationlayers for attacking while running?
also flying around and the effect is awsome :slight_smile: keep up the good work! Wish you the best for this project!

Hey sold4y
Thank you for the best wishes and as for animations I am pretty new actually to unreal period but just worked on blending until i was happy and using from spine upward for casting animations while legs and rest of body keep doing what they are doing :slight_smile: Heres a screenshot for an Idea


Wow I didnt know how to do animation until looking at this thank you so much and the game is just fantastic looking PvP looks so good !

Animation BP Above

Hi Kalleal, this is looking very good. I adore Arena Combat/Fighting Games. In fact, my nick TechLord, is derived from a Pen n Paper Mecha Arena Combat Game of the same name. One day, I will bring it to life with UE4.

I’m very impressed with how you managed to have a fully playable game with only two attack and a teleport mechanic.

Keep up the awesome work!

TechLord, Thank you very much I am still very new to unreal and have been working hard and a lot of time in this project and I have 3 damage attacks one AoE one rain darkness from above and then basic attack combo, teleport and fly. This is only for this character, I have other Melee character and archer also other mages coming very soon I really appreciate the feedback and comment thanks so much !!

Added Fire Mage and Ai wanted to update everyone that messaged me thanks for all the support and feedback will be testing soon anyone interested send me a message anytime.

Looking for Level designer and someone that has released a multiplayer title on steam possible pay not much if anyone interested :slight_smile: